At Tranent, we have multiple squads aimed at giving each child the best opportunities to learn and develop their skills, maximising their potential, and enjoying their journey in swimming. Each squad will have different targets, different competition opportunities and is lead by its own Lead Coach.



Skill Development Group

Our newest squad, created to offer kids extra help developing their technical skills in each stroke before being promoted to Bronze Squad. This is a non-competitive squad and is aimed at children who are nearing completion or have completed lessons but still need help with some skills before joining our competitive squads. This squad was the first of its type in East Lothian and has enjoyed great success, giving many kids the opportunity to join the club and improve their skills with many now progressing through the club pathway.



Bronze Squad

The first of our competitive squads, our aim in Bronze is to develop good technique across all strokes, and improving and teaching new skills such as diving and tumbleturns. We offer three training sessions for our Bronze Squad swimmers throughout the week with an additional hour available to our top two lanes at the weekend to train with Silver Squad and gain an idea of what the next level of training will be. The swimmers in Bronze Squad have a testing week every 6 weeks where they are assessed on their skills and technique throughout the session in order to determine and plan their next phase of training.


We are very proud of our Bronze Squad swimmers and the level of technique they achieve. We promote positive attitudes and positive effort in training and have gained great results from this. Our Bronze Squad swimmers participate in a four-round tournament with three other clubs each season, aimed at giving young, less experienced swimmers the opportunity to compete. This is a tournament they very much enjoy and we have enjoyed great success in, winning the trophy for the past 6 seasons.



Silver Squad

In Silver Squad focus on continuing to develop their technique and skills, while also building their fitness and understanding of how to train efficiently. There are more training opportunities available each week with Silver and also longer sessions too. Swimmers will also have more opportunities to enter competitions having gained experience whilst in Bronze Squad. We also introduce land based training to the swimmers at this stage. In land training, swimmers will stretch and work on skills that will benefit them in the pool. We ensure that we keep land training as fun and beneficial to the swimmer as possible.


The quality of swimming in this squad has grown year on year with some swimmers gaining consideration times for East District Age Groups (highest age group meet in the district). We look to offer our Silver swimmers the best training possible for their level in order to help them continue on the path to achieving their potential and become the best swimmer they can be.



Gold Squad

This is our highest club squad and is the next step on the club pathway, offering more pool training and land based training, with a yoga session available to the swimmers in the squad. Swimmers work on refining their technique and skills, aiming to develop their swimming and achieve strong results each time they compete. In Gold Squad, the swimmers use everything they have learned in the previous squads, training at a high level with positive effort and hard work each session.


There are multiple targets for this squad each year, with qualification for East District Age Groups, entry to East Lothian Swim Team, and maintaining fitness all aims for the swimmers.



East Lothian Swim Team (ELST)

ELST is a composite team comprising of members from Tranent, Haddington, and Musselburgh. They offer training at an elite level with a pathway developed to ensure progression for swimmers from District level to National level. Swimmers within ELST are still members of their home clubs and represent their clubs at meets within the district, Team Events, and participate in club events. Swimmers progressing to ELST are given the opportunity through their Development Squads where they will train both with ELST and their Home Club.