We have a highly qualified team of coaches with vast experience and history in many different areas of swimming. We all share one common goal to help each child achieve their potential in a fun and friendly environment.



Ross Mathieson (Head Coach)

Ross has been with the club since 2010, progressing from poolside helper to Lead Coach with various squads before becoming our Head Coach in 2014. He is a UKCC Level 2 qualified coach, leading the clubs Gold Squad and Skill Development Group. Ross also works as TASC's Club Development Officer, working to bring opportunities to help the club grow. In his spare time, he also takes swimming lessons helping young kids learn and develop their water confidence.


Julia Taylor (Lead Silver Squad Coach)

Julia has been associated with the club for many years, first as a swimmer herself, achieving club records, to now as a Lead Coach for Silver Squad. Julia returned to poolside in 2016 and became qualified as a coach at UKCC Level 2 before becoming a Lead Coach with the club. She also works as a swimming teacher taking lessons at local lesson provider, Splashstart and is a keen Masters swimmer with East Lothian Masters.


Emma Thomson (Lead Bronze Squad Coach)

Emma is currently in her second spell with the club leading Bronze Squad. She is a former swimmer in East Lothian and also swimming teacher qualified at UKCC Level 2. Emma brings great experience and knowledge to the role working with the clubs newer swimmers, teaching and developing their technique to a high standard.


John McManus (volunteer coach)

John has volunteered with the club for a number of years as his daughters progressed through the club. He is a qualified official and assists with various squads at the club.


Sarah-Jane Edmond (volunteer coach)

Sarah is a UKCC Level 2 Teacher and has great knowledge and experience working in disability swimming. She assists with our Bronze Squad and is also a qualified official.


Leona Ferguson (volunteer coach)

Leona is a former swimmer with the club and returned to poolside as a volunteer and is now qualified as a UKCC Level 2 Coach, assisting with various squads.



As our swimmers get older, they are given the opportunity to begin working on poolside shadowing the current coaching team before being allowed to start coaching themselves. We see this as a great opportunity to educate our older swimmers further and to also strengthen the team spirit throughout the club, giving our younger swimmers the opportunity to learn from their elder teammates. Currently, we have Ellis Corrigan, Abigail Dall, Amber Devin, Murray Fraser, Amy McConnachie, Andrew Sutherland, and Jaime Sutherland all assisting on poolside.